Bespoke Hand-Painted Signs
Reversed glass gilded "R" with painted trompe l'oeil border PHOTO: Liam Cooper
Biblos festival stall fascia
Brick ghost sign, Boston Tea Party
Timber framed, plywood faced A-board PHOTO: Liam Cooper
Reverse Glass red variegated leaf. photo: Something Good
A-board photo: Liam Cooper
23 carat gold leaf window gilding
double sided pavement sign, photo: Liam Cooper

We are head-over-heels in love with the art of brush lettering and fiercely passionate about graphic design – sans computers. A quick stroll down any British high street will present your eyes with a digital wallpaper that is largely uninspiring and routinely generic.

Dapper Signs are one of the only signs companies in the UK exclusively using Hands, Brushes & Paint to produce high quality custom signs.

What we do:
Swing signs
Wall Panels
Gold Leaf work

Remember, folks, if it stays still long enough – WE CAN PAINT IT!

We run “Introduction to brush lettering” workshops, so get in touch if you are interested.


If you want to discuss any job, big or small, drop us a line at